Thursday, June 24, 2010

Made it!



  1. Way to go Sonny. Now what lies in your running future?

    I myself started this program once and then had to stop due to snow and inclement conditions for a few weeks.

    I started again when school was released and am now on W7D2 tonight. I too have run for 30 minutes already and was amazed that I could finish. I even did a 5k one evening already just to see if I could.

    Working on increasing my pace and finishing this program as well. Have hope of increasing on the One Hour Runner program possibly.

    Would love to eventually be able to run the Sedona half marathon in February.

    Take care and Keep on Running!!


  2. Mark,

    Go for it. I went from non-runner to 3 half marathons last year. My wife has been running with a group that follows the Jeff Galloway injury free program. ( So I kind of veered off from the C25K and onto the run/walk Galloway deal and have been able to run distances for the first time ever.